Packing for the Philippines

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Packing for the Philippines is what I am doing now… I can easily use two big suitcases for a two week vacation, so ten weeks is a major challenge. I want to take a small suitcase, a small and a big backpack, because travelling is not always convinient there and I have to be able to carry everything everywhere. Packing for the Philippines

My wardrobe for this season will consist of

  • three pair of loose linen trousers
  • Two bathing suits
  • four wide blouses
  • four dresses – beach dress, one “for good”, two more. All can be folded very small
  • Underwear for two weeks
  • three pair of sandals
  • good sneakers to walk
  • one pair of jeans
  • Travelling outfit – jeans jacket, pullover, sweatpants
  • A little make up and basic things like shampoo etc.

Maybe it is even too much for ten weeks travelling and I will edit the list when I am packing.

Everything I am going to wear will be loose and comfortable. I can only speak for myself, but it is very humid and hot and I feel better if my body can breeze. Anyway, if you are slim, you won’t have a problem to buy clothes. I am not so slim and for me buying clothes in the Philippines is only depressing, so I leave it.

Soap, cream and bodylotion often contains whitening ingredience in the Philippines. You have to read the description to find out. If you don’t want that, it is better to take these things with you.

There are plenty opportunities to wash or let wash. And you will change your clothes every day because of sweating, so just rinse it in the evening and it stays clean for a while.

Other things I am packing for the Philippines

  • Painting and drawing material
  • Camera, Tablet

That’s my list. Everything else I will buy when I need it. Packing for the Philippines is not difficult, the weather is always the same, but you have to focus on the neccessary.


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