Puerto Galera and Whitebeach in Mindoro

Puerto Galera and Whitebeach in Mindoro

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Visiting Puerto Galera and Whitebeach in Mindoro was my first trip alone. This was in May 2015 and it was very exciting to travel with the bus to Batangas and find my boat. My family gave me instructions and brought me to the bus depot. But still, it was my first time in South East Asia, everything was so different. And because in May it was close to 40 degrees celsius I was melting away.

I don’t really recommend the place for a solo female because there is nothing much to do, it’s more a place for old white men looking for girls… It is poor except for some restaurants and bars. But there are plenty tour offers for sightseeing, diving etc. and some beaches close by. I only visited Whitebeach, which is safe for single women travelling solo in the Philippines and it has plenty of bars and restaurants where I was always treated friendly. In the evening it gets loud, almost every bar has a stage for Ladyboys to sing and you can imagine…

How to get to Puerto Galera and Whitebeach

It’s not far from Manila, you only need to take a bus or drive to Batangas and catch a ferry to Puerto Galera or directly to Whitebeach. This was my first trip on my own the first time I visited the Philippines and it’s easy. Usually someone will approach you and offer assistance when they see you are a stranger on your own. That helps, but don’t forget to pay something. 50 Pesos (ca. 1 Euro) is good money for a poor person and nothing for us, there is no reason to be cheap.

Visiting Puerto Galera and Whitebeach in Mindoro is fine, if you are staying in Manila and want to get away for a few days. But remember, easy to reach is not like taking a train or hopping in the car in Europe or America.

More info on Puerto Valera: https://www.thepoortraveler.net/2019/05/puerto-galera-oriental-mindoro/

How to get to Batangas: http://www.phbus.com/jam-bus/


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