How to be happy with yourself travelling alone.

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How to be happy with yourself travelling alone is the big question for many women. I have been asked so many times if I don’t get lonely traveling alone. How to be happyityourself travelling alon

Although I’m someone who really likes to talk – a lot -, I can easily go for days without talking to anyone while I think a lot, daydream or watch people.

Especially women feel awkward to dine alone or go in a bar for a drink. But I don’t find this a problem in the Philippines because most bars have an open space and people are friendly. Sometimes the waiter or even a stranger on a bus asks you personal questions, like why you travel alone. This is a little disturbing for our cultural upbringing, but it’s their way to show interest and be nice.

When it doesn’t go so well

Of course there will be times when I’m in a bad mood or feeling alienated because that is part of the travel experience. Getting sick is the worst when you have no one to support you and it happened to me.

In Banaue I caught a bad bronchitis and lost my voice. It was cold and rainy and I was looking forward to a trip through the mountains with various vans and busses with a non existent schedule. Even if I would have called my family, it would have taken a day before they would catch up with me.

The best thing to do is trying not to panic, because you know you are alone and the only person you can rely on is you. Panic will only make it worse. Never be shy to ask for help if you find, you can’t manage anymore on your own. I just tried to take it hour by hour, van by van, and whenever I had a chance to rest my body.

At some point I managed to get some antibiotica from a pharmacy, but I had to be very insistent. In a crisis you must stand up for yourself, always because no one else is going to do it. So talk to people, ask for help if necessary, this is so important. You can’t be too shy.

Having said this, travelling alone is great, but there will be times where it is also difficult. Nothing comes without a price. The reward of all this is that you will feel empowered by knowing you can manage a crisis all by yourself. That makes your trip so valuable and will have an impact on your self-confidence.

Happy end

And yes, there was a Happy End! After two days I arrived at the Tagudan Beach Resort. I found my voice back and spent some wonderful days mostly watching the ocean and the spectacular sundowns.

A great place and lovely people.

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