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Boardwalk Dumaguete

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After a long trip I finally arrived yesterday late and moved in Carlo’s Place. My room is pretty big with a kitchenette and a huge aircon. I only turn it on for a few minutes sometimes to cool off and that’s enough. 

The place is not pretty as such. It’s in a compound and right now I’m looking at a wall on the opposite side when I sit on my porch. If you want it idyllic, don’t go here.  But it’s alright for me, and I pay only 16 € per night. I get a good vibe from the place and the people and it’s quiet besides an annoying dog and roosters in the neighborhood.

Took my first walk to do some shopping and walked along the streets and the Sea side to adjust myself to the energy of this place. Everything is so different. Loud, chaotic, but at the same time relaxed and you actually smell the air. Gasoline, the ocean, food, fire, always something. I didn’t know that I missed all this.

Of course everything here is new. Although I have friends here, I’m still alone which is the point of my trip. There are moments of insecurity, like will I be able to make new friends or does everyone think, I’m a weird older lady and stays away from me? But I’m trying not to think like that.

Anyhow, this is one of the reasons for my trip. To find my center and not worry about such things because I am good enough for myself. If I’m happy and open, everything will fall in place.

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