What to eat in Dumaguete and the Philippines

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I love food, Filipino food and everything else. So here are my experiences in the past four days. 

My best experience was the Jamrock Cafe, they serve Jamaican food. I had soup, goat curry and cornbread plus a mango shake for around 12 € all in all. Very delicious. I try to stick with the Filipino food (except Jamaican, because I love it and there are no Jamaican restaurants at home). You get pizza, pasta and other western food of course.

A really nice dish is spaghetti vongole, the Filipino version. Chicken, pork and rice is standard, fresh seafood and fish available, but not everywhere. If you want to cook, then of course you have the full choice at the public market.

Of course I can’t go out for dinner like this every day. There are plenty of eateries where you get a simple meal for two or three Euros. It’s not great, but it serves the purpose.

Fruits, especially Mangos, are delicious. I didn’t buy much so far, only mangos, bananas and watermelon, but there is so much to try. After I move to my new place on Sunday, I will check the local market for fruits.

And there are calamansi, little citrus fruits. I bought them and squeeze two every morning in water, it is very healthy.

There is a lot to discover and I never had problems with the food health wise.

One thing, try only to drink bottled water, it is super cheap. Normally the drinking water is filtered, but you can still get problems. However, it’s save to brush your teeth with.


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4 thoughts on “What to eat in Dumaguete and the Philippines”

    1. You wouldn’t think so, but you get great pasta dishes here. Yes, there is a lot of good food, but not so much the street food like in Thailand. It’s eatable, but not great. I also love Chicken Adobo, it’s the national dish. There is also a lot of pork, but I haven’t tried it yet. The worst I had was from a snackbar. Rice with sweet sausage, they call it Chorizo, but it has nothing to do with it. And a fried egg on top. Ok, it cost only 2 dollars. In general pinoys love sugar, unfortunately also in sausage. You can even get banana ketchup, but I would only eat that in an emergency 😊

  1. Wow! This spaghetti vongole looks delicious! So far it seemsl like
    you are enjoying your time in the Philippines! Take care and
    enjoy your time to the fullest! Greg

    1. Thank you my friend. It’s getting better day by day. It’s a modest life compared to home, compared to here of course not. I try to have nice food every day, but except for this and accommodation I don’t spend much money. But a really nice meal still doesn’t cost more than 10 € and now I’m starting to cook, then it’s only 2 € a day or so. It’s a very different life here, I am still adapting, like just living in the present, but getting there 😊 and it makes me humble. I love travelling alone, it makes me feel free.

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