What to eat in Dumaguete and the Philippines

I love food, Filipino food and everything else. So here are my experiences in the past four days. 

My best experience was the Jamrock Cafe, they serve Jamaican food. I had soup, goat curry and cornbread plus a mango shake for around 12 € all in all. Very delicious. I try to stick with the Filipino food (except Jamaican, because I love it and there are no Jamaican restaurants at home). You get pizza, pasta and other western food of course.

A really nice dish is spaghetti vongole, the Filipino version. Chicken, pork and rice is standard, fresh seafood and fish available, but not everywhere. If you want to cook, then of course you have the full choice at the public market.

Of course I can’t go out for dinner like this every day. There are plenty of eateries where you get a simple meal for two or three Euros. It’s not great, but it serves the purpose. Continue reading “What to eat in Dumaguete and the Philippines”

Back in Manila

Back to Manila after a year. It feels strange and familiar at the same time, but I am happy I don’t have to deal with the city, just in and out the hotel basically.

Trying to get to the Philippines from Frankfurt

I had to cancel my flight with Cathay Pacific because Hongkong ist closed. and booked a new one with Kuwait Airlines. At least now I had a travel mate, my friend Edwin who recently moved with his family to the Philippines, was on the same flight.

The flight was uneventful and on time. We had a long stopover at the airport in Kuwait and I ate an overpriced, but delicious Szechuan Chickenburger, whatever this is, it was spicy!

Shake shack

After another flight nine hours later we finally arrived here in Manila. Right now it is surprisingly cool in Manila, only 28 degrees Celsius.

Staying in the Savoy Hotel

The Savoy hotel was a good decision. Hotel is pricy for here,around 60 €. But free airport shuttle, nice big room, hot shower and a cool bar at the swimming pool! I am planning on living modest and I don’t need much. But after a long trip like this it is nice to spoil yourself with a little extravaganza.

I went out and the area here is not bad at all. That is where you can see the impact of the growing middle class, or let’s call it gentrification. Nice restaurants, clean streets, no beggars. Of course, probably walk 15 minutes and the world looks different. It’s not the reality.

I went to a simple chinese noodle restaurant and had seafood noodle soup. Now, this kind of soup is very simple and good. Basically seafood, noodles and some greens in hot water, no extra spices, I really like it. It cost around six Euro, but this is because of the fancy area and next to the expensive hotels.


So, it was tiring, but a good trip and I am looking forward to finally arrive in Dumaguete this afternoon.