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Planning my trip in advance is something I do only roughly. Because in my experience, when you travel alone, there are too many variables. You meet people who know about good places or maybe find a travel companion for a few days. Or you suddenly feel you want to stay at a place for some time. This is the great thing about having ten weeks vacation, because there is enough time for everything.

I booked for my upcoming trip an airbnb apartment for five days in Dumaguete ahead, because this gives me enough time to adjust to the heat, overcome my jetlag and also get used to life there, which is so different from Germany.

And of course I did my research to find out what I would like to do and see, it’s just not written in stone. This includes a visit to Siquijor, it’s my dream for many years and this time it is going to happen.

An idea I have not fully thought through is to rent a car and explore Negros Oriental, the island where Dumaguete is located. This I would do with my friends because I don’t know anything about the road condition and if it would really be safe alone. And of course, I like having fun with people too. Travelling solo doesn’t mean we have to do everything alone…

Another milestone is to visit the family in Las Pinas, which belongs to Metro Manila.

That’s my whole planning, everything else is open. Planning my trip to the Philippines.


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4 thoughts on “Planning my trip in advance”

  1. I’m looking forward to hearing about your solo travels, I’m sure I can learn a great deal.
    I find the planning (flights and accomodations), one of the most annoying parts of the journey. Maybe I can pick up some helpful tips!

    1. My first comment :-). Thank you. I book everything on the Internet. Compare flights and prices. The cheapest is not always the best, I also look how long it will take to transfer. And for accomodation the same, I book online. I just started using AirBnB, which is problably not a good word in your ears. But it can be practical. I consider reviews and prices of course. This is for the first few days. In the Philippines it is easy to find something when you are there. Practically I do everything online and print it out. I start months ahead, it is actually the least annoying part :-).

  2. I entered to the blog as soon as I can. I log forward to reading about the experiences you will libve through. AS you want I will love to pick you up Sunday by car and accomplish you to the airport instead oft Lawrence this time 😉

    1. He said he is positive that he will be on time. Don’t want to reject him and hurt his feelings 😊. psst, he is reading too 😅

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