A solo female traveller in the Philippines


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A solo female traveller in the Philippines is rare.

I dedicate this blog to support women of every age to travel alone and safe. Travelling alone is empowering and can be life changing because you will discover your inner strength and learn to deal with many different and also difficult situations.

I travelled alone often, in Turkey, Europe, North America and now the Philippines and I want to set an example to encourage other women who always dreamed about it, but didn’t dare, to take this step to make the world ours.

It is easy to find travel sites about the Philippines, but they mostly write about the beaches and all the fun stuff. Because there is more to the Philippines then just being a big beach party. And – it’s a good place for a single woman travelling alone in Asia.

I will be traveling alone for 10 weeks with little plan and an open mind. This blog is about my experiences and some advice from lessons learned.

Apologies for grammar and wording. I am German and choose to write in English. I know it is not perfect, but hopefully will do.


A solo woman in the Philippinesn the Philippines

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6 thoughts on “A solo female traveller in the Philippines”

  1. Fantastic! I used to travel a lot by myself with my small kids while my husband worked. 😆 It was a little stressful sometimes but also really empowering when I saw how much I could just go and do on my own.

    1. Travelling alone with small children must be a challenge 😊. But that’s what I mean. Sometimes in life we question ourselves too much. When we are depending on ourselves, we see how much we are really capable of.

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